It’s finally here, that time of year when the beautiful open fires at Eleaner Day Spa are roaring, beckoning to us with their alluring scent, warming glow and playful crackle; inviting us in like the sirens of the sea.


Winter can be a blue time for many of us, with the shorter days, cooler temperatures and rain keeping us indoors, it really is easy to miss the beauty that is winter.


We want to change that… this winter we want you to embrace all that Jack Frosts intentions and restore your love for you and the chilly season.


Here are 5 sensational ways our team embrace the winter; serendipitously turning their winter blues into rainbow hues…
  1. Music soothes the soul, put on your favourite track, and get grooving! Music is known to significantly improve your mood, by listening to something that makes you smile you’ll dance that winter funk away in no time… Don’t feel like dancing? That’s ok simply kick back relax and let the music fill your mind.
  2. Plan a trip! That’s right get away or at least plan to. The simple act of planning a holiday is exciting, putting your mind into its happy place and you’ll have something to look forward. We love planning getaways!
  3. Get out doors… gasp…are they crazy it’s cold out there! … trust us we know!… But have you seen the outdoors in winter so crisp, clean and breathtakingly beautiful. Winter is the perfect time of year to throw on a cozy beanie grab a hot flask and explore South Australia’s incredible national parks, forests, hiking trail and campgrounds. Whether your hunting for mushrooms, cozy campfires, spectacular views or waterfalls you’ll be sighing “how’s the serenity” in no time.
  4. Nourish your skin, as we like to say ” Glowing Skin is Always In” not to mention it’s a great confidence booster. Take the opportunity to pull out the Rosehip oil and give your skin some love, the vitamin A&C will have you refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.
  5. Take time out, if the blues have really set in remember to cut yourself some slack and take a step back. Disconnect from your busy world take some time to rest, maybe reconnect with an old friend or spend some quality time with your loved ones and always remember You are Enough.

We would love to know how you embrace Winter,

head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation.

If the Winter Blues are starting to get on top of you please remember to reach out and talk..


Beyond Blue


Love the team at Eleaner Day Spa


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