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We Love Hot Stone Massage!

Life can present many challenges and sometimes we need a little help to stay in balance and move forward; our wildflower essence remedies gathered from the Aussie bush, can quickly help us back into balance - naturally giving us the inner strength to deal with...

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Winter wonderland | turning your blues into rainbow hues

It's finally here, that time of year when the beautiful open fires at Eleaner Day Spa are roaring, beckoning to us with their alluring scent, warming glow and playful crackle; inviting us in like the sirens of the sea.   Winter can be a blue time for many of us, with...

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Say I do to botanical beauty in the heart of Mclaren Vale

Nestled in the heart of Mclaren Vale, Eleaner Native Day Spa is the cornerstone of the beauty and Wellness within the renowned wine region. Offering an exquisite range of Wellness and beauty treatments that are carefully curated in-house; Eleaner Native Day Spa...

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Are you Ready for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summers is here! It's time to freshen up and rejuvenate your skin ready for that beautiful summer glow.  Hydration is the key and it’s no surprise that when our skin looks dehydrated it can show fine lines  and have a dull lacklustre appearance.   Dehydrated skin...

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Australia the Lucky Country

To say that we live in a lucky country may seem like a cliché way to start this blog... But we do... The beauty of Australia is intricately entwined within our culture, our land and our lives. At Eleaner Native Day Spa we celebrate this raw beauty within everything we...

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Spring Cleaning for your body

Spring cleaning is not just something we do in our homes, our digestive systems can do with a little clean up as well. Digestive Health and Well Being can be achieved by eating cleaner, organic probiotics and herbal teas. These are just some of the ways we can tune up our systems ready for spring.

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