BioSculpture At Eleaner Day Spa we are proud to announce we can now offer Bio Sculpture Gel nails. We strive to provide the highest quality and latest products on the market to our clients, and that is exactly what Bio Sculpture Gel is for nail care. It is unlike other gel polishes by not containing primers and bonders it does not cause any damage to the natural nail. It is the only nail care system that has a five star safety rating. Gel polishes dehydrate and burn the nail causing weakness, chipping, flaking and inability to grow. Nails in such condition can be successfully treated with Bio Sculpture Gel to hydrate, nourish and protect. There is the ability to sculpt, extend and build on the natural nail. The product gives flexibility and durability to move with the natural nail, unlike acrylic nails. There are no fumes or odours with this product. Bio Sculpture Gel is applied with specified Bio Sculpture brushes and each layer is cured in an LED lamp. In order for a salon to be able to offer Bio Sculpture as a product, the therapists have to have had the Bio Sculpture Gel training. Have peace of mind that your nail technician has been formally trained with the product. A Bio Sculpture Gel treatment as a colour overlay or French can now be performed at our Botanical Studio. Your therapist will advise you on your home nail care needs to achieve the best results from your Bio Sculpture Gel nails. A rebooking of three weeks or under is recommended to maintain and protect your natural nails which will include the professional removal of the gel, nail tidy and reapplication. A full application takes an hour and more time may be needed if removal is included.   The Advantages

  • Safe no dust, no odour, no fumes, no toxic chemical
  • Natural looking thin and flexible
  • Healthy Nurtures and Protects the nail
  • Lengthen –Add length naturally
  • Removal quick and easy ,with no damage to natural nails
  • Retail-Excellent range of natural nail treatments and home care products .

Book now to have healthier, better looking nails tomorrow!