To say that we live in a lucky country may seem like a cliché way to start this blog… But we do… The beauty of Australia is intricately entwined within our culture, our land and our lives.

At Eleaner Native Day Spa we celebrate this raw beauty within everything we do, our products are Australian made, we use native wildflower essences and we embrace the vibrant culture of the McLaren Vale region.

Flower Essences & Heritage Healers

Heritage Healers’ naturopaths capture and bottle the vital essence of the unique Australian wildflowers that have been used for centuries by the Aboriginal people. The essences work to reduce stress, naturally improving our inner well-being, and this is reflected in healthy, beautiful skin.

The healing therapies of the native flower essences and pure organic bases are blended to create the beautiful lotions and serums that we use in our treatments here at Eleaner Native Day Spa.

Read more about the benefits of Flower Essences HERE


Traditional Aboriginal Healing

Tradition cannot be faked and must be practiced with the utmost respect, as such our Traditional Aboriginal Healing days are run in conjunction with the The Aṉangu Ngangkari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC).  The Elders join us here in the Day Spa and share their traditional healing practices to revive your spirits after enjoying one of our relaxing massages.

For more about The Aṉangu Ngangkari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC) visit their website HERE


Local Products

We believe that buying local products and supporting local producers builds a strong community. Naturally we have a great range of local and Australian products right here in store including; Beauty Products, Make up, Organic Teas and many more gift ideas.




Travel Fun

Not only do we bring the beauty of Australia right into our Day Spa, we also love getting out and about into it. The McLaren Vale Region boasts many beautiful attractions including cafes, parklands and of course wineries to explore however our explorations reach a little further..  Our staff love traveling this beautiful country whether for holidays or for a little training.





Training with Heritage Healers in Coffs Harbour, Australia

Pina is exploring the outback again!! Soaking up the natural beauty of Australia